How I Broke My Puppy's Leg (Accidentally) And Had A Major Breakthrough

My latest piece for about the time I broke my baby Cleo’s hindleg!

Rape is not pretty, and we’d rather not look at it. Still, it’s a fact of my life that I was raped. Pretending it didn’t happen or tiptoeing around the details will not change that fact. Why should I have anything to hide? And who does my silence benefit?
I would like to be clear that I am gay, very gay, and I cannot remember a time when I was not gay. I was not molested into homosexuality. My sexual preference was clear to me long before my first time.
My First xojane Column: How I Told My Boyfriend I Was Born a Boy
Though many guys I’ve dated do not and may never know the gender history of the girl they randomly made out with on the street, I have relayed my story to a select few, including the man of my dreams.