Isis King submits her 7 Questions Video to, and I’m honored that she’s allowed us into her life and journey to womanhood from the very beginning.

I’m also humbled to call her my dear sister. 

babyshibe said: Browsing the 'trans' tag on tumblr, I came across a link to your story - and then was amazed to find your blog! Just thought I'd add that it's LOVELY and encouraging to read a story that turns out so well :) Positive stories about trans people's experiences seem to be sadly few and far between, and it gives me hope for the future that you've had an experience like that :)

I’m finally answering these questions (because it’s only been a year right?)…

Thank you first and foremost. I point my finger at media gatekeepers (I’m apart of the media, so I take fault as well) who seem to only be interested in tantalizing struggles rather than the sometime mundane existence of happiness that does exist in our world for cis and trans folks. I’m glad that I can elevate, through my personal story, both the struggle and the joy of humanity. Balance is key.