Janet Mock on Beyoncé’s feminism.

We can be sexual, sexy and flawless while advocating and fighting and educating and uplifting and critiquing and challenging and giving and everything.



Janet Mock on Beyonce’s feminism

I love her so much

"That writer can take several seats. At Beyoncé’s concert." STAN GIRL YASS

Serving as a Beyonce evangelist and a defender of sexuality + nuance in popular culture.

Video: Janet Mock on Beyonce's Feminism: 'Gender Equality and Sexuality Don't Have to Be Mutually Exclusive'

I joined Alicia Menendez to discuss Beyonce, feminism, her sexuality and body and image in time for the launch of her “On the Run” tour.

And what’s the only thing, I think, Beyonce shouldn’t do on her new concert? (hint: It involved “Drunk In Love”)


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My Worst Street Harassment Experience, Told Through Tweets

I returned home today shaking. I was angry, frustrated, disappointed, relieved, frightened, hopeless and hopeful. I had just had lunch with my best friend Wendi. We ate at Whole Foods on a rainy day in the Lower East Side of NYC.

I’m frankly, and I know this is bad, desensitized to the fact that men hoot and holler at me on the street. I’ve learned to block that out despite the irritation. I’ve learned to accept street harassment as a daily part of my life, as common as seeing a rat in Tompkins Square Park.

On my walk home from lunch, I encountered a man who would not take no for an answer when it came to making my acquaintance. His sense of entitlement over this public space and my personal space astounded me.

Though I returned home unharmed and can gratefully say that he did not touch me, I was shaken up and took to Twitter to express my feelings and share my experience of #streetharassment, which has sadly become so normalized in our society.

Here’s my story:

Lourdes Hunter delivers a powerful speech at SlutWalk 2011 that is giving me life months later:

"Yes, I am a transgender woman. But that doesn’t give you the right to solicit me for sex or assume I am a hooker. And let me tell you something: Don’t call me tranny. Don’t call me shemale. Don’t fucking call me a he-she."

"Yes, honey, I am college-educated, professionally employed and I pay my own damn bills. I define my own existence, and that is my choice."

"It’s time for all of us to take responsibility…We must equip ourselves and our young women with the tools of survival, like self-esteem, like love and like support."

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to become and I became that woman.