HBO The Out List: Being the Only Trans Woman Interviewed | Janet Mock

My reflections on filming and watching The Out List (which airs tomorrow night on HBO) in the wake of DOMA, GENDA, VRA and many more battles won and lost.


I posted this on FB and thought I’d share publicly:

The burden of living in a “time on two crosses” (Bayard Rustin)…Some of us are dealing with bittersweet complexities today as trans and queer people of color, whom applaud the monumental victory of DOMA being struck down yet go home to communities of color who must continue to deal with the blatant racism of our voting process, upheld by the SCOTUS ruling against the Voting Rights Act.

In struggle + solidarity, always,


I was the sole woman, trans person, and individual of color during this panel discussion on MSNBC/Google+ about DOMA, PROP 8 and marriage equality. I pointed this out on air because it needs to be said. 

Yes, Chris Hayes, Zach Wahls, Carter Gibson and Eddie Outlaw were wonderful. Yet the lack of diversity in media is very much obvious, even in these discussions about equality and community (it was called, “Changing Your Community”).

We need to ensure that the voices are representative of our communities.

Three LGBT people appeared together on a mainstream media cable channel talking news, politics, and common sense, and television sets across the country didn’t explode!