Happy National Coming Out Day!

About a year and a half ago, I invited people into my life through this It Gets Better video because I wanted young people - especially those who are trans - to know that they’re not alone.

Telling my story has changed my life forever, and I hope that you too can find the strength, safety and resources to tell your story, first to yourself, and hopefully to those around you. 

Fernanda Milan says, “I deserve a safe space to develop as a human being.”

Sign her petition to protect her from deportation to Guatemala, where she fears returning to a hostile country that offers her no protections as a trans activist.

Fernanda is a shining portrait of beauty, grace and intelligence under heaps and heaps of oppression and odds.

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Today I appeared on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts discussing the power of sharing our stories. I know I’m only one of many, but am so happy to be able to lend my story to the collective.