How to Show Your Support for Fernanda Milan #girlslikeus

Today I read a story about Fernanda Milan, a Guatemalan trans woman who spoke out about being raped while being detained in the men’s wing of an asylum seeker’s camp in Denmark.

A campaign was launched on a few Facebook pages and Twitter to support a petition that would stop her from being deported to Guatemala, where she fears for her life. 

“What I’m most afraid of when I go back isn’t being killed. What really petrifies me is being attacked and tortured,” Fernanda says, adding that she knows “no transgender people in Guatamala over 35.”

Fernanda is due to deport back to Guatemala on September 17.

Sign this petition to show your support of Fernanda. It is in Danish (or Storbritannien for UK folks) so with the power of Google Translate I’ve translated the fields to English (you can choose other languages to translate Danish via Google Translate) to make it easier for you to add your signature.


"Fernanda is a transgender woman who came to Denmark from Guatemala to seek protection for her life. She was placed in the department for men because they do not recognize her female gender identity. Fernanda was raped in the camp! Now she is awaiting deportation to Guatemala, a country where transgender people are killed. Denmark does not recognize asylum for gender identity. 

You can help her:

* Give your advice on how to stop deportation!

* Go to the media and increase pressure on the Danish government

* Share this story and signature collection with others

Thank you for your signature.”


Fornavn/-e (First Name)

Efternavn (Last Name)

By (city)

Land (country)

Emailadresse (email address)

Skal din underskrift være offentlig? (Do you want to display your signature publicly?)

BUTTON: skriv under på denne underskriftindsamling (Add my signature to the collection)

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    TW transphobic violence, rape
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    she is due to be deported TOMORROW [and it is already about 6:30pm in Denmark as of right now].
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    If you’re signing from the UK, select ‘Storbritannien’ under ‘Land’. Please do sign, and signal boost.
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